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I am at the test in NV PHILIPS Hasselt, Belgium. Its for the OpenTV project.

When we where all exhausted after a long walk to Tank bund. We where relaxing with a stick of Ice cream.

When we all had been to Hyderabad, for K.Sreesa's marriage.


The next day after Sreesa marriage we all been to Golgonda palace, which in one of the famous one in Hyderabad, snap was taken before we were on to explore the palace.


Being in Aspect when we had been to Jade gardens along with friends with our welcome drinks in our hands


When we had been to Honnemaradu the amusing water park, Is is 70km away from Shimoga.

The Adventures are the people who are incharge and taking care of the place. The trip has to be arranged and to be informed to "Adventures" well in advance, so they can arrange for our food and accommodation and

Three cheers to our Organizers Vinodnag (who is holding the camera) & Vish (in the following picture)

hipp! hipp! Hurray !!

hipp! hipp! Hurray !!


We where given instructions about the place and how tidy it should be (waste should thrown only in waste basket which was provided by them), after the daily "early homework" breakfast was served (Chitranna), We where asked to put our luggage's in the guest house which is in the top of the mountain and get back to the shore with our swimming gears on.


When we where on with our swimming gears we where given life jackets.

Our coach ( Ganapthy ) taught us how to put on the life jackets, how to float in water, how to swim and get back to shore incase if we where drowned.

It's compulsory to where life jackets on even If u knows swimming.


Once we where off after our 4hr. Swimming and lot more plays, all thought it's time for rest…… but we where given small plastic boats and asked to row our selves to the next Island which seen on left middle of the picture on the right of you. After a long rowing all where exhausted…….. Coach fell sorry for us and took us for lunch, which was really fantastic.


After our relaxation was over along with our coach we where asked to row to the Island which can be seen on the above picture towards the right middle end of the picture along with tents which was being pitched by us on the left picture for our night stay on the Island, following with our camp fire and dinner, each one was enjoying our work even though we all where exhausted.


The next day woke with our daily homework following with packing to the same old Island for the breakfast.

We all where on for rafting on the raft, we where rowed to middle to the lake, taught diving by our coach who is still sitting on the right end of the raft.

Once when we all jumped in to the water we where told the depth was 200ft. Each and every one caught hold of the raft immediately out of fear but we where given confidence and enjoyed a lot (people among the picture only 2 of them knew swimming one who is 2nd from left-side of the picture and last one who is closer to the camera.


After all our water sport's we had been to Jog falls which was 35km from honnemaradu, stayed there for an hour enjoying the view of the falls and back to B'lore.

Lot more to come, be tunned