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Friends page

Hi folks! I created this page for my friends and I have given little descriptions about them as I feel. If my feel is not correct you can always fireme.
 It starts from kinder garden to present day. I am quiet sure that I haven't listed all of them and I will try to do that. If any of you know the whereabout of our friends more convey to me please.

School Friends
"Old is Gold " I admit that
Nick Name Description
K.N.Murugesana Murugs My close friend and he looks after his business in his home town.Owns a transportation company.
VeluSamy Vels He is punctual man. He has memory power I ever found in anybody else
Kanagaraj Kanaga Highly talented and took part in playing dramas. Used to have great time when I go to his home even today.
Thangavel Thanga King in electronics field. He is my mentor in electronic circuits and have learned a lot with him. Even today I go to him if I have any problem in this field. Looks after his own buisness.
Vijayalakshmi viji Nice friend and sportive in nature. Talks well.
Venkatesh venki Lot to tell him about. He is a knowledgeable person and still I keeping in touch. Directs dramas and organizes program. Good friend. Loves nature a lot. I too..
Lingeshkumar Buthisali Always he comes out with new ideas (mostly rejected by friends). Had a nice time him in school days. He is lawyer now.
Rajendaran Mats Used to have lot of fun with him taking advantage of his soft nature.Very good person. 
Velumurugan Spiderman He is very lean and so the name.
Lakshmanan Lachu He was the SPL in our school.
Sunderaswari Suji Got married recently. 
Sasikala Sasi Good friend. Married.(has a cute baby girl) 
Thangapushpam pushpa Very good friend of mine. She has the credit of being with me from kinder garden to 8th class. Cool and Soft in nature.She is from my villa. Married and she is in Chittar,TN. (has a cute baby girl)
Velraj vel Good person and he is very lean. Still he maintains that.
Rohini Talented girl and donot know her where abouts now.
Shanthi Good friend of mine and she was there upto my 5th class. I donot know her whereabouts know. Anybody knows....
Rajavenkat Raja He was my classmate upto kinder garden to fifth class and he is known for his sports talent. He is from my neighbour villa and very good friend of mine.S/W Er now in a MNC in Chennai. 
SenthilKumar,Elangathir,Gopi, Ramesh, Nandakumar,  Meenakshisundaram,Muthukumar
Donot whereabout of these friends. 
If anybody know please mail me. 
Muthukumar has started his own business in it field. He has launched  with Internet Browsing station in Erode(opp Bustand)
Baskaran ,Ganesh Moorthy Baski,Ganesh Both are in States now

College friends
Name Nick name Description
Jayakumar Dad(appa) Dynamic guy. Plays cricket well. Works as a Production Engineer in a company in Coimbatore. His nick name comes through his appearance.
Gopinath Gopi Currently in LosAngels. Most niceist time I had with him in GCE Salem.He worked for Pentafour Chennai.
Raja Pulls Enjoys his life in Chennai.He took his professions as teaching and he is a lecturer in Chennai.
Karthikeyn kalai Enjoys his life in Mumbai. Very good at stage performance and so the name kalai(arts)
Srinivasan Looks after his own buisness in Thiruchengode. Very Good at artsand drawings
SenthilKumar Works in Chennai as a S/W Engg
Sivakumar kutti Very polite guy and has lot patience(atleast towards me) and mental strength. Works for IBM Global Service in Bangalore as Software Engg. He has the credit of beoing with me for 8 years

kathadi Works for Deneb India. Specialist in CAD/CAM development.Always tries to know the subject to deepest.
Vijayakumar Vijay He is my good friend and works for EASi technology, Bangalore.
Arun palam Very good person and used to do project in his room itlself which will look like a mini reseach lab. He is now in USA.

Friends during my career
Ravishankar Currently in USA in Integra.
Senthil Currently works for ASML,India
Vasudevan Currently in Cybertech mumbai. Will soon fly to USA.
Ajainath Currently inUSA in Firstam
Aradhya Currently in USA in HP.
Rajagopal Very cool and inspiring guy. Works for Honeywell India
AnanthPH Knowledgeable guy. King in C++.Works for IBC
Sunitha Currently works for Cybercash,India
Sudha Currently works for Cybercash,India
Padmashree Ha. She is now working in Philips Software Centre,Bangalore.(where I wook)
Sheryl Works for Genesys.
Gnanabharathi Our Project Lead.Knows to enjoy life very well.
Govind Good nature. Always looks for improvements. 
Madhusudhan The most dynamic I have seen so far. Also he has inspired me a lot at work and in general. I liked his enthu.
Vijeyandra Most calm guy and knowledgeable. 
Vani Good friend and have thirst for knowledge.
Soumitra Cool guy and we can see him a with beautiful smile always. Graag.
Rammohan Lives with strict priciples in life.(physically by fruits and vegetables)
Shivaprasad Ha! cool guy. Got married on recently.
Sunil Strict guy, likes professionalism at work.
Ravikumar Very Cool and good  person.