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My Family Page

Welcome home - to the my family home page.

My Family Members

My Great Father - Subramaniam(Subbu)
My dad is a  most important and delightful person to me. He knows just about everything there is to know in life and he has faced all types of situation in the life both ups and downs.  He's my idol and my mentor.  I have also learned a lot through his experience.
He has always been and will always continue to be, one of the most important person in my life. Right from childhood still now he is my constant encourager to me. The real strength of mine.
He's a pretty serious guy and keeps working around all the time! One of the most important hobby of father  inspired me is he cann't be idle. He does have a nasty temper too!!

My lovely Sister and her family
My Sister(younger) name is Jayalakshmi.
We call her Jaya and also papa. She is married. We love her very much.When she is at home time passes very easily. She takes adminstrative position in her home and manges it wonderfully.
She very good at sports  and won many prizes during her school days(Papa I am proud of you). She plays ko-ko,volleyball,badmiton.She likes travelling.

My sweet Wife
                         Viji is my love. She understood me very soon and I liked that. To say more about her, like my sister she is also a sports girl and got many prizes during her school and college days. She is very active girl and good at administration.
She is BSc Microbilogy graduate.

My dear son
                         My son name is Naveenraj. He is very very naugthy.....

Me, my better-half and my son

me, my wife and my son
Family News
Grannie's Favorites

My Wedding  Picture


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