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Who Am I?

     Well! I am S.Easwaramoorthy, born on the 23rd of December 1973 in a place called Erode in Tamilnadu, India. I love this place very much.

Did my first 12 years of schooling in  St. Mary's Matriculation School(Bhavani) and last 2 years in Navarasam Higher Secondary School,Erode.

My next step in the academic adventure was at Government College of Engineering,Salem(the Steel City)  where I did my Engineering. It was a different experience and something to relish through out  my life. My days in this period is filled with lot of fun and memories in my life.
Then I completed my Master Degree in Engineering in PSG College of  Technology,Coimbatore.This is a great transition for me in this period. I learned a lot here. I can say it as a turning point in my life here.

My first step in the career jungle began with ASML(Advanced Synergic Microsystem Ltd), a  multinational  Software,known for its simulation related projects. It was a great place to begin my a career. Learned a lot here and enjoyed my carreer here.
     I am presently working as a Software Engineer for NV PHILIPS Industrial Activiteis,Belgium,where I am  polishing my existing skills and developing new ones. Its a new field for me, its in Digital Video Broadcasting.

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